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If you own a business and do online marketing, here is a tool that will help you determine ROI 2023

Typically, regardless of the industry, your business's website should be your ultimate customer mousetrap. But, how do you tell if your marketing is working or if your marketing agency is doing anything to drive real traffic? It’s pretty simple, you use a free tool like Google Analytics.

GA.. once set up, will start collecting data that you can use going forward to not only check the health of your website but more importantly the success of your marketing campaigns. We use it here at LM Digital to track our client campaigns independent of our internal reporting tools and use Google Tag Manager to independently track our social media ads as well as all our other advertising. Using a tool like GA, we can provide an ROI each month to our clients that come from real independent data on Google and not just another marketing report telling you your campaign got a lot of clicks this month.

If you are not already using GA to track your company website and campaign results then it’s easy to start today. Simply visit Google Analytics and set up a free account. Then just add your url address and click go. Come back in a few days and you will be able to start seeing data from that point on. This is always good to set up independently of any of your marketing vendors to always have control over your company’s data. You can always add vendors along the way to your profile that you trust to help you analyze future results.

If you feel lost, or need help setting this up in your business then visit LM Digital Agency is a full-service digital media company and broadcast radio group serving offices in Charleston, SC, Lexington, KY, and Charleston WV.

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