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Talking to your computer is a thing. And it might be one of the biggest changes since the “internet"

The ability to have a conversation with your computer just got real. ChatGPT has had quite a week, crossing 1M+ users in the first 5 days. But what is it? In a nutshell, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence prototype chatbot that specializes in dialogue. Developed by OpenAI, it allows you to have human-like question-and-answer sessions with a chatbot. What can you ask? Clearly, that is TBD because as soon as you start asking it questions it quickly leads you down a rabbit hole of amazingness. One of its main uses so far has been to generate code for your app or website from scratch. Others have used it to track fitness goals by asking chatGPT to create a weight loss plan, diet prep, and workout schedule. Need a personal assistant? Integrate ChatGPT to your WhatsApp and automate manual and repetitive tasks. Create a marketing strategy, audit your website, do keyword research, write articles, and more all in under 15 minutes. Some more examples of what can be done are below:

We have heard rumors of this being the next Google Search killer. That remains to be seen, but ChatGPT and AI technologies like it are here to stay. As our clients look for ways to become more efficient, tools like ChatGPT can certainly play a bigger role in the coming year.

LM Digital helps clients of all sizes navigate the changing digital marketing landscape. If you have questions about how this technology applies to your business, shoot us a message and let's discuss.

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